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dental crowns & Bridges

Dental CrownsIf you’re missing teeth, crown and bridgework may be ‘just what the doctor ordered!’ Crowns are essentially caps placed over existing teeth, and are an excellent treatment option when loss of tooth structure has made placement of fillings difficult or unpredictable.

Permanent bridges utilize crowns to anchor to your natural teeth, literally ‘bridging the gap’ left by a missing tooth or teeth. Permanent bridges look and function much like natural teeth, and remain in your mouth at all times-no need to remove them when you eat or sleep! But crowns and bridges don’t just offer cosmetic benefits, they also add valuable support to your remaining natural teeth by helping to:

  • Maintain your natural bite
  • Improve your speech, smile and chewing abilities
  • Prevent further decay and gum disease.

We will be happy to schedule your consultation to find out if crowns or bridges can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Just give us a call, at (502) 895-2210 or e-mail us at we will be able to further assist you! Click here to see examples of our work.



How long will a crown last ?

While nothing lasts forever, with proper daily flossing and brushing, a healthy diet and normal chewing, a crown can possibly last a lifetime.


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