Facial Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Treatments

Facial & Cosmetic Services

Dr. David Shutt has been trained and certified by The American Academy of Facial Aesthetics (AAFE). This training offers our patients various anti-aging treatments to give a more relaxed and smooth facial appearance. Dr. Shutt can now offer:

  • Botox or Xeomin treatments:  targeting brow lines and wrinkles
  • Dermal Fillers:  restoring volume to the face and lips
  • Facial treatments:  rejuvenating your overall features
  • Lip Enhancement:  defined and full lips that look natural
  • Treatments to help TMJ/headaches and myofascial pain

You may ask why a dentist would offer these services.  Well, dentists spend a lifetime becoming well versed in head and neck structure and musculature.  Additional training in facial aesthetics allows a dentist to understand the subtle treatments to help with facial changes that take place as time goes by and for relief of TMJ/ headaches and myofascial pain. Dr. Shutt can offer treatment of complete facial aesthetics safely and precisely with predictable results.

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primary objective of this office is the preservation of the natural dentition in comfort, health and beauty for life.

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