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Learn more about the Art and Science of Building Smiles

Louisville Top Dentists - Drs. Blincoe and ShuttYour smile isn’t just an important part of the way you look; it can also have an effect on the way you feel. A bright healthy smile can make you feel confident, and at Blincoe and Shutt, we know all about the ‘Art and Science of Building Smiles!’

Drs. Glenn R. Blincoe and David L. Shutt have built their practice on the foundation laid by Dr. William P. Blincoe who began the practice in St. Matthews the summer of 1952.  With over sixty years of combined experience, Drs. Blincoe and Shutt can devise a plan to build you a beautiful smile!  They are ably assisted in their work by a experienced staff of dental hygienists, assistants and  office staff members.

Drs. Blincoe and Shutt have been recognized for their excellent work in their field by Louisville Magazine. The honor was voted on by dentists in Louisville. Both Glenn and David were listed in the Top 20 general dentists. This honor is especially significant since it was voted on by their peers.

We offer a number of cosmetic dentistry services for your family.  These include:

  • Whitening Teeth
  • Bonding
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Dental Implants

Today’s cosmetic dentistry can help those who are missing teeth, those with misshapen teeth, overcrowding or misaligned bites, and much more. To find out if you may be a candidate for these and other cosmetic procedures give us a call at (502) 895-2210 or e-mail us at

Practice Philosophy

The primary objective of this office is the preservation of the natural dentition in comfort, health and beauty for life.

There are two main causes of tooth loss: tooth decay and periodontal disease. Some of the secondary causes of tooth loss are: previous tooth loss adding stress to the remaining teeth, an imbalanced bite, and various systemic conditions. Two other important considerations are facial pain and esthetics. We will consider all these conditions. The most important fact to remember is that in most cases, BOTH DECAY AND PERIODONTAL DISEASE CAN BE PREVENTED.

You are here either because you are in pain, you are aware of some problem, or because you want to have a routine “clean and check” appointment. If you are in pain, that will be treated. In either of the latter two instances a thorough examination will be done, and as indicated, further x-rays and diagnostics procedures will be recommended. Your treatment may also be “phased” into priorities; i.e., that treatment which is necessary just to maintain your mouth without further deterioration (Phase I), a stage of rebuilding procedures (Phase II), and final approaches to your own level of optimum health (Phase III). If you ever have any questions concerning your treatment, please do not hesitate to ask. No treatment will be undertaken until WE agree on a course of action.

Our pledge to you is the best dentistry of which we are capable, and if you want to keep your teeth, to help you build an effective prevention program. Prevention is up to you, and with our help you can learn to maintain your mouth in good health for a lifetime.